I'm Piper, a photographer based in Lincoln, Nebraska, and webmaster of ARRphoto. Thank you for looking at my photography and web design project. I created this website to display my pictures, to network with others sharing similar interests, and to find potential models.

Photography is my hobby and my passion. I began doing nature and landscape photography ten years ago and I have been working with models for about four years. My philosophy and mission is to capture and record beauty through photography for the enjoyment of everyone.

When I photograph someone, I look for what is unique and beautiful about them, something that sets them apart and makes them compelling. My work is about real people that actually exist, people that you want to know or wish you could meet, not fake, made-up glamour models that exist only in magazines. A person's look and beauty can be enhanced or changed by jewelry or clothing, or they can reveal their true beauty in their most natural state.

If you have comments or questions about my work, or are interested in modeling, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached by phone at 402 890-1766 and by email at piper@arrphoto.com